Day 615 of Our Odyssey Overland


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Sometimes our journey seems like it happened yesterday, some days it feels like it happened in a different lifetime. Memories can be triggered unexpectedly by smells, songs or the stories of others; or on purpose as we look over our photo and video collection. Occasionally, we challenge each other to name every place we stayed, but we never make it all the way through the list of 258 different cities, villages and campgrounds.

We started getting nostalgic for our trip before it was over. We wanted to make sure we remembered the everyday stuff, not just the pretty stuff, so we decided to take footage of one complete day on the road. The day that we recorded was Day 615. It occurred almost three years ago today. Little did we know just how awesome this day would be.

We have finally compacted that footage into a 24-minute movie, giving you a taste of a day-in-the-life of Our Odyssey Overland.

We hope you enjoy it!


PS: We’ve created a map of the day for those who want to follow along.



Having trouble viewing this video? It is blocked in some countries (mainly Europe and Asia). We’ve created a special version for you that should work – click here.



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